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Pub Football Box

The Pub Football Box is an internet ready box you simply plug in to your internet and start watching, it’s that easy. Once you’re plugged in you can watch all the games and all the teams LIVE with the PFB Sports subscription.

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Striker HD Prime

No Dish Required

Simply plug into your internet

PFB Sports IPTV comes with a full 12 months subscription to all the sports channels plus an official PFB Sports IPTV Box. We utilize the latest equipment from our secure data centre, allowing you to have full control of your PFB Sports IPTV Box through the Internet without any worries.
The PFB Sports IPTV package offers the most comprehensive coverage of English Premier League football with every game LIVE!

THAT’S 380 GAMES IN TOTAL EVERY SEASON! So whatever premier league side you support you will never miss a single live match whether your team is either home or away. With 19 dedicated sports channels, PFB Sports IPTV will show every live EPL Saturday 3pm kick off plus all the EPL games, Every game on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday as well as covering Mid-Week EPL games. That means every single EPL game will be shown live on PFB Sports IPTV.

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